Monday, 4 October 2010


All these piggies have been on a 2 week quarantine to ensure they are fit and well before rehoming.  They are now ready and waiting for their new families.

Quentin & Maurice - REHOMED
5 months old, both crested, Quentin is almost completely white apart from a patch of cream over one ear, he is very cheeky and inquisitive. Maurice is dark chocolate, a bit shyer than his brother but very sweet. They will make good family pets.

Mick & Dick - available now

3 of the baby boys have now been rehomed leaving Mick and Dick as a pair, father in the middle and the himalayan (white) baby on the outside of the group.  New photo very soon!  These two have great fun playing and running around most of the day, dad is very cheeky and wants to know everything that is going on - you'll often see his little face at the side of the cage watching your every move.

Georgia - available now

4 year old female.  Georgia is currently with a foster family as she is proving difficult to pair up with another female - she is quite a grumpy old lady and is now living next to Betty - an equally grumpy old girl.  They are being spoilt rotten and getting lots of TLC, lucky girls!

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