Monday, 25 October 2010

Farm Rescue Boys OUT OF DATE

3 pairs of the boys rescued from being dumped and released on an abandoned farm in West Wales are now ready for rehoming.  They have completed their 2 week quarantine and have all been treated for the mite infestation that all the poor piggies had.

Father and Son- Available now 
Dad is the oldest male from the rescue and presumably the father to most if not all the offspring that are due, he is approx 6-8 months old. He is paired with the youngest boy from the group who is now 6 weeks old. These boys will need an experienced home to help them gain trust in people, they will need to be indoors as the baby boy is too small to winter in a shed.
Thomas & Benji - Available now
A pair of young males, approx 3-4 months old. These boys are still rather shy but are gaining in confidence now that they have been handled and given lots of treats while with one of my foster mums. Now that they have finished their quarantine they are back, ready and waiting for their new family.

Rowan & Ewan - Available now
Young pair of boys, approx 4-5 months old. Rowan is a crested pig, very inquisitive and vocal while Ewan is a bit more shy. Both are ready for a new family and will benefit from regular handling to help their personalities shine through.

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