Saturday, 30 October 2010

Grumpy Old Women

Both of these girls have rejected all female partners and are waiting for either a mature neutered male that wants a bossy wife or an equally grumpy old girl to live next door to and gossip through the bars with, perhaps share run time and, hopefully, eventually to share a cage.

Betty - 3 years old. Silver agouti rex, an unusual breed to come into rescue. She is best suited to a mature neutered male as she is does not accept female company. She is currently living with at a foster home so that she has the individual attention she needs while she waits for her new companion.

Georgia - 4 year old female, currently with a foster family as she is proving difficult to pair up with another female - she is quite a grumpy old lady and is now living next to Betty - an equally grumpy old girl. They are being spoilt rotten and getting lots of TLC, lucky girls!

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