Sunday, 30 May 2010

The Mitey Boys Story

Dyson - Available now - still at the rescue, living next door to an unrelated male that he doesn't intimidate. He is one of the most aggressive males I've had come into the rescue and will probably stay for life unless he finds another equally aggressive male to move in next door to, so that they can swear at each other through the bars but not attack! I call him my pocket rottweiler.

Demetri - REHOMED blind, deaf and scarred for life by Dyson, paired up with Milo (white piggy in pic), a former resident. They formed an instant bond which was heart-warming to see.

Simon and Lloyd - REHOMED - these boys also have a happy ending as they have been rehomed to be spoilt rotten for the rest of their lives. After 3 years of the hell they came from to the luxury and care they now have is just so wonderful.
Here's their story...

5 new piggies arrived today, 4 boys and a girl. Unfortunately all of them are suffering from a severe mite infestation so will not be available until they are fit and well. I have bathed and medicated them today and will take some photos very soon to update you of their progress.

Unusually the 4 boys live together - happily according to their previous owner - we'll see! Once they are well enough and if they are happy as a group then I would dearly love them to be rehomed together. They are around 3 years old.


UPDATE: Well these boys are in a pretty bad way - two are blind , all are very scabby, now separated into two pairs as the dominant male Dyson was bullying Simon.

The little girl, Olivia, is in better condition, although she had mites she isn't as in a poor state as the boys. It doesn't show up in the photos but these boys have very sparse hair, no undercoat and lots of scabs from scratching and biting at their skin. A simple bath with insecticidal shampoo for small animals would've prevented weeks if not months of suffering.
Demetri - Lavender and Golden, blind and possibly deaf. Dyson - Ginger and Black.

Simon - Ginger and white. Lloyd - Mainly white abyssinian, one eye has cataract and possibly blind in other eye too.

This is Simon showing the effects of mite infestation, his skin is covered in scabs and sores.


UPDATE 9th July: The boys are making good progress and are now starting to grow new hair, their appetite is enormous and they spend a great deal of their time eating.

Demetri, the blind, deaf lavender and golden is bonding with a visiting pig, Milo. They should be going home at the weekend, Milo's dad is one of my piggy families and has already shown that he is an exceptional owner, Demetri will have a superb new home. UPDATE: Demetri has now gone home with Milo.

Dyson is living next to an unrelated male that he doesn't intimidate, although I have not introduced him to another male yet, I'm not very hopeful of finding a friend for him as he is so aggressive. Fingers are crossed though.

Simon and Lloyd are very happy and relaxed with each other now that their big brother Dyson is no longer able to bully them. Their treatment is continuing but they are responding very well. Simon's skin is improving everyday and he has even started to grow new hair!

It took 3 months for these boys to get to the stage of being fit and well enough to be rehomed, they came into the rescue in a pitiful state and utterly traumatised from being a group of 4 adult males left to fight it out between themselves. Sadly it is not a unique story, but they at least now have the life they deserve and hopefully they will live long enough to enjoy it to the full.