Sunday, 27 March 2011

Lindy Lou & Melody Rehomed 27/3/11

Lindy-Lou & Melody - REHOMED.
Lindy-Lou is a farm rescue girl, where nearly 20 pigs were released on an abandoned farm in West Wales, a very young mum as she must have become pregnant at 4-5 weeks old. She is an extremely happy and vocal mum.  Lindy-Lou will greet you every morning with squeaks and popcorning.  Lindy-Lou is now 7 months old and baby Melody is 4 months.

Shake and Rattle Rehomed 27/3/11

Shake & Rattle - REHOMED. 
These boys came to the rescue as part of a trio of 9 month old boys (Rollie is the third member).  As a trio these boys were constantly bickering, but as soon as naughty and rather rude Rollie was removed this pair stopped their arguing.  They are extremely lively and playful, almost impossible to get to keep still so will need a home with a large cage and adventure playground for their floortime.  They are bold and inquisitive and will make fantastic family pets.

Thursday, 24 March 2011

Dougie & Alexander Rehomed 24/3/11

Dougie & Alexander - REHOMED met and bonded at the rescue, the two of them have become great friends and are now ready for a family of their own to come and take them home. Dougie, 6 months, is an abyssian, white with a mainly black head, Alex, 5 months, is black, flecked with gold.

Saturday, 19 March 2011

Trudy & Judy Rehomed 19/3/11

Trudy & Judy - REHOMED.  Trudy is one of the farm rescue girls, she is a very young mum and became pregnant at only 4-5 weeks old. She has been a wonderful mum and is now ready for her own forever home. They are a sensitive pair and would benefit from a quiet home with older/no children where they get lots of laptime.  Trudy is 6 months old and little Judy is 3 months.

Friday, 18 March 2011

William & Blake - available now

William & Blake - available now - Likely to be father and son, little William is only around 14 weeks old and Blake is approx 11 months.  William is rather shy and would benefit from a quiet home where he can enjoy lap time.  Blake is more confident, he and his little boy are great friends.

Thursday, 3 March 2011

The rescue capacity is 40 Guinea pigs.

How many in the rescue?


Mia & Cindy Rehomed 3/3/11

 Mia & Cindy - REHOMED.

Both the girls have been on pregnancy watch and happily both have proved not to be expecting. They are very happy girls and spend lot of their day playing. Mia (tortie & white) is 8 months old and Cindy (cream & white) is 6 months old. They would suit a quiet home with lots of attention, though Mia is still rather shy Cindy enjoys laptime.