Monday, 31 January 2011

Out of date

The rescue capacity is 40 Guinea pigs.

How many in the rescue?


Sunday, 2 January 2011

Lindy-Lou & Melody Out of date

Lindy-Lou & Melody - Available now.

Lindy-Lou is a farm rescue girl, a very young mum as she must have become pregnant at 4-5 weeks old. She gave birth to 2 babies and is an extremely happy and vocal mum. Lindy-Lou will greet you every morning with squeaks and popcorning. She and her little girl will require an indoor home as they are far too small to winter in a shed.

Oriel & Aurora rehomed 7/1/11

Oriel & Aurora - REHOMED
Oriel came from the farm rescue back in Oct where 19 guinea pigs were dumped at a derelict, disused farm.  One of eight pregnant females in the group, she gave birth to a single daughter.  These two are very happy together and are delightful to watch playing.  Oriel is a timid girl and would benefit from an experienced owner to give her the time and TLC she and Aurora need to help them understand people are not so scary after all. 

Blanche & Daughters Out of date

Blanche & Daughters - Available now.

Blanche came to the rescue together with her mum Melanie, dad Mick and 4 brothers, sadly the family were not separated into boy/girl groups so Blanche and her mum were both pregnant. Blanche gave birth to 2 large and beautifully marked girls, if possible I would like to rehome all three together as they are very happy as a family group. As Blanche is only 14 weeks older than the babies they all play together as a group of youngsters.

Carrie & Cherie - Rehomed 23/1/11

Carrie & Cherie - REHOMED
Another mother and daughter from the farm rescue.  Carrie gave birth to a single baby and they are so sweet together, playing most of the day and snuggling up a bedtime.  They will suit a family that can give them lots of attention and cuddles.

Marigold, Ivy, Violet, Ruby Out of date

Marigold & Daughters, Ivy, Violet and Ruby - Can be reserved.

Marigold is one of the farm rescue girls, arrived pregnant, starving and with a heavy mite infestation. She went on to give birth to 4 babies and has proven to be a fabulous mum. She is slowly regaining her hair now that she has weaned the babies. She is available together with her daughters as a group of 4 or in pairs. She is currently with one of my foster families that have kindly helped out with the baby explosion and will be back at the rescue after New Year, ready for rehoming.

Mia & Cindy Out of date

Mia & Cindy - Available now.

Both the girls have been on pregnancy watch and happily both have proved not to be expecting. They are very happy girls and spend lot of their day playing. Mia (tortie & white) is 7 months old and Cindy (cream & white) is 5 months old.  They would suit a quiet home with lots of attention.

Trudy & Judy Out of date

Trudy & Judy - Available now.

Trudy is one of the farm rescue girls, she is a very young mum and became pregnant at only 4-5 weeks old. She has been a wonderful mum, looking after her two little ones.  She will be available together with her daughter after the New year.  They are a timid pair and would benefit from a quiet home with older/no children.

Boar-Dating Service Out of date

Boar-Dating Service

There are a number of baby boys available as companions to lone older males, they are living with Uncle Johnny until their new friend comes to take them home. JohnnyPig takes on all the baby boys, as they have to leave their mothers at 3 weeks old to prevent any accidental pregnancies. The boar-dating service will pair your lone male with a suitable partner please phone for details.

Newton & Winston - Rehomed 22/1/11

Winston & Newton - REHOMED
A pair of 2 year old boys - brought into the rescue due to family having no time for them after the arrival of a new baby. Sadly the boys were not handled much in their previous home and Newton (black and ginger) is still shy of being out for cuddles. He is however very inquisitive and friendly while in the safety of his cage and is happy to chat and take treats from your hand, so it shouldn't take long for him to realise that cuddles are great fun too. Winston is happy to be on your lap munching treats.

Rowan & Ewan Out of date

Rowan & Ewan - Available now

Young pair of boys, approx 5-6 months old. Rowan is a crested pig, very inquisitive and vocal while Ewan is a bit more shy. Both are ready for a new family and will benefit from regular handling to help their personalities shine through.  These boys came from a rescue of 19 pigs abandoned at a derelict farm just before the sub zero temps and snow arrived.

Benjamin and Thomas jr - Rehomed 29/1/11

Benjamin and Thomas jr - REHOMED

Dad is the father to most if not all the 17 farm rescue babies born at the rescue in the last couple of months, he is approx 10 months old. He is paired with his son, who is now 16 weeks old. These boys have been living with a foster family so that they could receive the individual attention they require to lose their fear of people. They have made a lot of progress and are now ready for their new family to bring out their personalities.

Mick & Dick Out of date

Mick & Dick - Available now

These two have great fun playing and running around most of the day, dad Mick is very cheeky and wants to know everything that is going on - you'll often see his little face at the side of the cage watching your every move. Mick is 8-10 months old and Dick is 5 months.  Mick and Dick came from someone who thought they could make some money from breeding, they gave up when the petshop didn't want them for sale but would use them for reptile food.

Saturday, 1 January 2011

Out of date

The rescue capacity is 40 Guinea pigs.

How many spending the New Year in the rescue?