Saturday, 27 April 2013

Mr Scruff & Valentina Rehomed 7/6/13

Mr Scruff & Valentina - REHOMED - 2.5 yrs+10 months.  A strongly bonded pair Mr Scruff (neut) is a very friendly, cuddly boy, Valentina is learning to trust people thanks to her new man.

Brindle & Seth Rehomed 8/6/13

Brindle & Seth - REHOMED - 18 months+12 weeks.  Brindle is a large piggy with a big personality, he is very happy with his new friend Seth.

Friday, 12 April 2013

Dora & Boots Rehomed.

Dora & Boots - 2 yrs - REHOMED -
The girls are still rather nervous but very happy in each others company, they are getting more confident by the day so I feel with the right home and lots of treats and cuddles they will blossom into fabulous pets.

Girls Rehomed 13/4/13

Females - REHOMED - 1 yr + 3 yrs.  A darling pair of girls that are happy and chatty, would suit most families with time to groom.

Andy & Lou Rehomed 12/4/13

Andy & Lou - REHOMED - 2 yrs + 18 months.

Monday, 1 April 2013

Rose & Sparkle Rehomed 4/4/13

Rose & Sparkle - REHOMED - Mother and daughter, these two little beauties are shy but gaining confidence every day.  Little Sparkle is only 2 months old and would like not to grow up in rescue.