Saturday, 10 January 2015

Nessa & Livvy Rehomed 10/2/15

Nessa & Livvy.  REHOMED.  Mother and daughter, Nessa is 15 months+ and little Livvy was born on 5th Nov. They are a delightful pair of girls, Livvy is full of curiosity while mum Nessa is very sweet natured.
Little Livvy is growing fast, these girls really need a home so that their special family don't miss out on the precious baby months.

Steve Rehomed 23/1/15

Steve.  REHOMED. 18 months, neutered male.  Steve is a gentle piggy looking for some female company.  He is blind in one eye as the result of an injury from his brother before rescue.  

Byron Rehomed 28/1/15

Byron. REHOMED.  15 months, neutered male.  Byron is a lively, fun filled piggy who is hoping for some girlies to make his life complete.

Friday, 9 January 2015

Alvin & Lyle Rehomed 28/1/15

Alvin & Lyle.  REHOMED.  12-18 months and 15 weeks.  Alvin has been at the rescue for a long time, waiting for the right friend.  Now that he has found him in Lyle, he really would love to go home at last.

Shelley & Victor Rehomed 10/1/15

Shelley & Victor.  REHOMED.  15 months and 18 weeks.  Shelley arrived at the rescue back in Feb '14, he is hoping that he can go home before he has been in rescue for a full year.

Camilla & Juliana Rehomed 10/1/15

Camilla & Juliana.  REHOMED. Year old sisters that would suit most families.  These two are a couple of sweethearts that would love a home with lots of treats.

Young sisters Rehomed 28/1/15

REHOMED. Young sisters, 6 months old.