Sunday, 19 June 2016

Baby Grommit & Wallace Rehomed 2/7/16

REHOMED. Wallace has taken to little Grommit and is very happy being his new daddypig.  These boys have been out on foster so they are now used to being handled, having treats, etc.  Grommit is 12 weeks old, Wallace is approx 12-18 months old. 
From their foster mum "Good bye to my first foster pigs Wallace and baby Grommit. You have been a joy to look after. They have been fostered in a household that has two dogs, two resident Guinea pigs and two teenagers so they are now well used to being part of a busy household

Their ideal cage would have plenty of space for Grommit to do his nightly 9 pm race laps and a hidey hole filled with hay for him to rest in. Wallace requests a carrot cottage or similar space that he could sit on top of, his favourite spot to eat his veg in. Both love cucumber and celery but aren't keen on tomatoes. 
Hope you find your forever home soon boys xx"

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