*NEW* Pet Boarding

Suzy's Small Animal Boarding

Boarding facilities now available for guinea pigs and other small pets.  

  • Fully insured, guests have their own room and are housed on your choice of bedding.
  • Long, short or emergency stays are available.
  • Guinea pig accommodation sized from a single occupant up to a herd.
  • Deep cleaning between guests using vet grade disinfectants.
  • Pets on medication or specialised diets are welcome.
  • Health assessments, nail clipping and grooming as required during stay.
  • Burgess nuggets, hays and veg included.

Charges are per day, or part day.  For guests that were adopted from the rescue discounted rates apply (in brackets).
Single - £5.00 per day (£4)
Pair - £6.00 per day (£5)
Trio - £8.00 per day (£7)
Herd - from £10.00 per day (£9)

Other small pets from £3 per cage (not supplied except in emergency cases).  No cats, dogs or rabbits.

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