Saturday, 27 June 2020

Email address for the rescue is
BOARDING available as normal with safe distancing handover.
REHOMING has a new format to keep everyone safe but still have the full support that comes with adoption. I have filmed the full adoption chat that covers healthchecks, feeding, handling and grooming. This will be sent to new adopters before the adoption so that any questions can be asked when here at the rescue to collect your piggies.  Please email for pre-adoption info.
Hopefully the next easing of the lockdown restrictions due will allow adoptions from those outside the local area to proceed without the need of an essential journey criteria.
RESERVING PIGGIES - I can reserve piggies for up to 7 days once the rehoming criteria are met.  
BONDING is still on hold, no new bookings being taken. If you have a bereaved piggy please see this link to the Guinea Pig Forum.…/looking-after-a-bere…/
I hope that all makes sense!
01639 721127 (10am-4pm)

Albert & Pogo

Available for adoption.
Pogo & baby Albert. Black and white Albert was born 1/11/19.  Pogo is 18 months old.  Best suited to a boar experienced home that understands the teenage months, they require a larger than average indoor set up.

These boys have been waiting since January for their forever home.
Pogo & Albert have not been chosen yet. Pogo is very special - he came back to the rescue as he was going to be put to sleep (vet fees issue). He was easily treated and fully recovered months ago. He and Albert are lively, feisty boys that will blossom with the right family. Albert was handreared as a baby, he's got a big personality and is a huge show off. Pogo mostly just rolls his eyes at him, now and then he'll tell him to stop being a prat.

Clement & Pierre Reserved for Gareth

RESERVED, ready for adoption from July 10th.  
Clement & Pierre.  Strongly bonded boys, 12 months old.  Super boys that need a bit more handling, nice natured and coming on a treat.

Rehomed by Gemma 1/7/20

REHOMED.  Females born Oct/Nov '19.  New names to be chosen by new family.

Thursday, 25 June 2020

Mother & Daughter Reserved for Nicola W

RESERVED, ready for adoption from July 1st.  Mother and daughter.  Mum born Oct '18, daughter born oct '19.

Rehomed by Kayleigh 1/7/20

REHOMED.  Females, born Nov '19.  Names to be chosen by their new family.

Rehomed by Sarah GM 1/7/20

REHOMED ready for adoption from July 1st.  Females, names to be chosen soon.  Born Oct and Nov '19.

REHOMED by Sarahjayne 1/7/20

REHOMED.  Females, born Oct '18.  Names to be chosen by their new family.

Saturday, 13 June 2020

Loopy Lou & Major Brown Rehomed 18/6/20

Loopy Lou & Major Brown are a super fun pair, Loopy is a little dynamo, bold and fearless, born 5/1/20. Major is a neutered male, born 21/10/19. He adores his crazy lady, he's more laid back but joins in the popcorning fun. Best suited to adult/older child home as Loopy is a naughty biter.

Edie & Archer Rehomed 18/6/20

Edie & Archer, 6-7 months old.  Archer is neutered male born 1/11/19, Edie was born at the rescue 7/12/19.

Cerrig & Maelor Rehomed 17/6/20

Cerrig & Maelor.  Closely related, beautiful colours and such happy boys. Born 10th and 7th of December.  

Lorelei & Misty Rehomed 21/6/20

Lorelei & Misty, closely related.  Lorelei is approx 10 months old, baby Misty was born here at the rescue 9/12/19. 

Kovou & Simba Rehomed 19/6/20

Kovou & Simba,  A glorious pair of 4 yr old boys, Kovou, black and white is a super fuzzy boy, he'll need a good brush through and occasional trim.  He's so friendly and cuddly.  Simba lets Kouvo take the lead in most things, once he trusts you his personality shines through too.