Monday, 13 April 2015


Levi & Ruben. Available now. 12 week old brothers. These two are typical teenage piggies, very busy and playful, always up for a treat (as long as it's not peppers - they really don't like them!)

Alfie & Jake RESERVED

Alfie & Jake.  RESERVED. 9 months and 3.5 yrs.  A strongly bonded pair of boys, Alfie is lively, playful and very nosey.  Jake is very confident and loves a good cuddle.


Achilles & Hercules.  Available now. 1yr+ A super pair of boys that are loving a new life with treats and room to play, they would make fabulous pets for a family that want to spoil a deserving pair of piggies.

Saturday, 4 April 2015

Vernon & Mr Pickles Rehomed 8/4/15

Vernon & Mr Pickles.  REHOMED.  Two delightful boys approx 12 months old.

Friday, 3 April 2015

Tomsk & Wellington Rehomed 4/4/15

Tomsk & Wellington.  REHOMED. 14 weeks old.  

Eccles & Neddie Rehomed 4/4/15

Eccles & Neddie.  REHOMED. 18 month old brothers, very happily bonded and full of fun.  

Sunday, 29 March 2015

Eric & Olaf Rehomed 4/4/15

Eric & Olaf.  REHOMED. Males, 10-15 months old.  Would suit a home experienced with long haired piggies.  A strongly bonded pair of boys, that love playing.  They also like a platform where they can chill out and watch the world go by.

Midge & Mary Rehomed 3/4/15

Midge & Mary. REHOMED. 5 and 12 months old.   

Gwyn & Idris Rehomed 3/4/15

Gwyn & Idris.  REHOMED.  Approx 9 months.  These two stunning boys were found dumped, filthy and neglected. They are blossoming into a fabulous pair of boys, full of fun and chat.  A great addition to a loving family.

Sunday, 22 February 2015

Janet & Tracie. Rehomed 14/3/15

Janet & Tracie.  REHOMED.  Sisters, 9-12 months.  Happy girls that love attention and treats.  

Tuesday, 10 February 2015

Anton & Kevin Rehomed 22/2/15

Anton & Kevin. REHOMED.  9-12 months and 5 months old.  A super pair of boys, full of fun and ideal for a family who love an active pair of boys.  Anton requires grooming to ensure his fabulous bed-head look is tangle free, he is rather ticklish though!  I adore these boys as they are so funny and so very, very cute. 

Saturday, 10 January 2015

Nessa & Livvy Rehomed 10/2/15

Nessa & Livvy.  REHOMED.  Mother and daughter, Nessa is 15 months+ and little Livvy was born on 5th Nov. They are a delightful pair of girls, Livvy is full of curiosity while mum Nessa is very sweet natured.
Little Livvy is growing fast, these girls really need a home so that their special family don't miss out on the precious baby months.