Monday, 21 May 2018


The rescue will be closed for adoptions and visits from Wed 23rd for a full week (boarding is unaffected). Adoptions and visits should be back to normal by 31st May.  New winter accommodation for the piggies is being constructed.  

Please contact the rescue before you buy a cage, very often cages sold are below the welfare standard, please contact for recommendations. Minimum for a pair is 120cmx60cm or 48 inches x 24 inches, on one level.  I sometimes have indoor cages available to adopters that meet the rehoming size, I can also point you in the right direction for the correct sized new cages and hutches for the best price online (not petshop prices!).

Guinea pigs at the rescue this week:

The Clouds

Availble now.  The Clouds are 10 months old, although they look alike at first glance each has differing himi markings  A fab trio of boys that are getting on well despite being in their teenage months.  Best suited to an experienced family, or one that wants to help bring piggies on.  They are still rather shy though have improved greatly in the 2 week quarantine period, good to groom and enjoy laptime, just a bit skitty when it comes to picking up.  They are keen on their veggies and start a little chorus of excited squeaks when the treats are on their way.  They require an indoor home, at least 6ftx2ft on one level (suitable cages available at the rescue if needed).

Alexei & Yuri

Available now.  Alexei & Yuri are 4 yr old rex brothers, strongly bonded and full of character, they are an adorable pair of boys and some of my favourites here at the rescue

Terrence & Diggory

Available soon.  Terrence & Diggory. 2-3 yrs.  Such a laid back and cuddly pair of boys.  Diggory came in with impaction, now far more comfortable with a little help, he may be older that the age given by his former home.  They would like a home that can give the care required.

Everard & Grayson

Available soon.  Everard & Grayson.  Strongly bonded boys, 1-2 yrs old.  Each will require a regular brush through and occasional trim to keep their coats tangle free.   

Saturday, 19 May 2018

Brendan & Peter Rehomed 21/5/18

REHOMED.  Brendan & Peter are darling boys, 4 yrs old.  Brendan is easy to groom, which is good news as he will require a regular brush through and occasional trim to keep his fabulous coat in good order.  He and Peter are strongly bonded and snuggle up together, they will melt your heart.

Friday, 11 May 2018

Storage Shed Clearance Sale
Pics and details of all the goodies available are on the fundraising page.  CLICK HERE

Felicity & Antonella Reserved

Reserved.  Felicity & Antonella, 18 and 12 months old.  Bold, funny girls that are full of energy. Suitable for most families.

Clive & Oliver Reserved

RESERVED.  Clive & Oliver, 10 months old.  Well bonded, happy boys.  Suitable for most families, in need of treats, cuddles and a forever home.

Friday, 20 April 2018

Zoltan & Ivan Rehomed 21/4/18

REHOMED.  Zoltan & Ivan, 12 weeks old, born here at the rescue (mum arrived pregnant) on 27/1/18.  Best suited to a boar experienced home that understands naughty teenage piggies.

Mika & Rudy Rehomed 21/4/18

REHOMED.  Mika & Rudy, 18 months and 2 yrs.  Sweet, happy boys suitable for most families.

Nesbit & Quentin Rehomed 21/4/18

REHOMED.  Nesbit & Quentin, 1 yr and 10 months old.  The boys met and bonded here at the rescue, bold and silly boys ready for their happy ending.  

Friday, 6 April 2018

Calypso & Beatrix Rehomed 15/4/18

REHOMED.  Calypso & Beatrix, 15 months.  A stunning pair of sisters, suited to a family with grooming experience.  Indoor only home please.

Tuesday, 20 March 2018

GusGus & baby Jaq Rehomed 1/4/18

REHOMED.  GusGus and baby Jaq, 2 yrs and 8 weeks.  GusGus had rejected all attempts at bonding with another adult male but has been a fabulous UnclePig, looking after 3 baby boys born here at the rescue.  He is available with his favourite baby, Jaq. Gus is a funny confident boy, full of character and charm. 

Monday, 19 March 2018

Thaddeus & Victoria Rehomed 25/3/18

REHOMED.  Thaddeus & Victoria, 12-18 months old.  Thaddeus is a neutered boar, Victoria is his younger sister. Happy confident piggies suitable for most families.

Sheena & Hollie Rehomed 25/3/18

REHOMED.  Sheena & Hollie, 24 months old.  Lovely girls, very keen on treats, happy to be handled.  Suitable for most families.