Saturday, 6 August 2022

Email issue!  Please check your spam/junk folder if expecting a reply.  I try to answer within a day or two. If you haven't had a reply regarding adoption please give the rescue a call.  01639 721127 (10am-4pm)

Tuesday, 26 July 2022

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ADOPTIONS  Please email for pre-adoption info, if possible before purchasing a cage/hutch.
RESERVING PIGGIES  I can reserve piggies for up to 7 days once the rehoming criteria are met.
SURRENDER OF GUINEA PIGS I am able to take in guinea pigs subject to available space, please email with details.
BONDING  (Finding a friend) This service is currently limited and only available for previous adopters with bereaved piggies at the moment. If you have a bereaved piggy please see this link to the Guinea Pig Forum.
BOARDING running as normal,  Handovers are covid safe with social distancing and safe handling measures in place.

Beatrice & Brendan

Available for adoption.
Beatrice & Brendan, 2-3 yrs.  A rare pairing as Beatrice is spayed, Brendan is loved up and besotted with her.  He arrived covered in bite wounds from a hoarder case and has struggled to find another male that he's not scared of. Both are long haired so will require a regular brush through and an occasional trim of their skirts. 140cm cage/4x2 C&C or larger.

Elliot & Billy

Available for adoption.
Elliot & Billy.  Little Elliot was born on 28th Feb this year, Billy is 14 months old.  These two are full of energy, very sweet and great friends.  Indoor 140cm cage/4x2 C&C or larger.

Hilary & Petra

Available for adoption.
Hilary & Petra, 1 yr.  Strongly bonded girls that will blossom in a loving home.  Suitable for most families. 140cm cage/4x2 C&c or larger.

Pretzel & Rolf

Available for adoption.
Pretzel & Rolf, males.  Pretzel is nearly 6 months old, born 2nd February, little Rolf was born 2nd June.  This pair are the squeakiest pigs in the rescue. Pretzel is main squeaker, Rolf does his best to keep up.  Bold, funny and so very cute together.  Pretzel has long hair, sporting a summer trim at the moment. Indoor 140cm cage/4x2 C&C or larger.

Victor & Pudding

Available for adoption.
Victor & Pudding, males.  Little Victor was born on the 14th of June, paired with Pudding, 1 yr old.  Pudding is a lively, silly lad and Victor finds all of his antics a lot of fun.  They will both benefit from kind gentle cuddles and lots of space to play and run.  Indoor 140cm cage/4x2 C&C or larger.

Gabrielle & Joy

Available for adoption.
Gabrielle & Joy.  Mum Gabrielle is 10-12 months old, she will be slightly longer haired than she is at the moment, she's been barbered by her cheeky babies.  Her daughter Joy was born on 14th June.  They will need more handling to help with their confidence, treats and kindness will help them blossom.  Indoor 140cm cage/4x2 C&C or larger.

Coco & Chantilly

Available For adoption.
Coco & Chantilly, females.  Baby Coco was born on 2nd June, mum Chantilly is 10-12 months old.  Still rather shy so would suit a family with the time to allow the girls to settle and for their pigsonalities to shine through. Indoor 140cm cage/4x2 C&C or larger

Friday, 1 July 2022

Mack & Bailey Rehomed by Rebecca 22/7/22

Mack & Bailey, 1 yr.  A glorious pair of short haired, funky lads. They are enjoying cuddles if treats are involved, they love their food!  140cm cage/4x2 C&C or larger.

Beano & Dandy Rehomed by Jess 8/7/22

Beano & Dandy, 8-9 months.  As their names suggest, these boys are a comical pair, strongly bonded and full of fun. 140cm cage/4x2 C&C or larger.

Friday, 10 June 2022

Noah & Puck Rehomed by Naomi 3/7/22

Noah & Puck.  Little Noah was born 28/2/22 so is coming up to 4 months old.  Cheeky Puck is 16-18 months.  A lovely fun pair, Puck enjoys attention and treats, Noah is learning fast from his uncle that people can be fun too.  Suitable for most families.  140cm cage/4x2 C&C or larger.