Saturday, 22 March 2014

Jonathan and Harker

Jonathan & Harker - Available now - 6-10 months old.  Harker will require regular grooming.

Lloyd & Owen

Lloyd & Owen - Available now - 6-10 months, brothers.

Chad & Jono

Chad & Jono - Available now - father and son, 6 and 12 months+.  A striking pair of boys, strongly bonded.

Victor & Hugo - 10-12 months

Victor and Hugo - Available now - 10-12 months.  A pair of brothers, big, cuddly and very cute.

Agouti girls

Harriet & Dina 2-3 yrs old.  Available now.  These two cheeky girls are fans of climbing and adventure, they will love a family home where they can see what everyone is up to - especially if anyone is making a trip to the fridge for some veggie treats.

SDS 5/3/14

Sow Dating Service

A number of females are available as companions to lone females/neut males.  Occasionally there are neutered males available as companions to lonely sows.  Please phone for details and availability.  More females to be added soon.

Marnie, 15 months

SDS successes
Flossie, 7 months - Dated and rehomed with Stanley (neut male)

Camille, 12 months.  Currently bonding with another rescue girl.  Available to reserve.

BDS 5/3/14

The Boar Dating Service.
There are a number of males available as companions to lone males. The boar-dating service will pair your lone male with a suitable partner, please phone for details. Bonding pigs takes a great deal of time and observation therefore only one date a week is booked, this can mean that there is a waiting list.

Humphrey 2yrs+

Mr Peabody, 2 yrs+

Shelley 4-6 months

Keats 4-6 months

Bryon 6 months

Male, 8 months
Rhett, 18 months
Sean, 8-10 months

Male, 8 months


BDS successes
Rodney, 8-10 months. Bonded and rehomed with baby Dave.

Georgie, 18 months
Dated and rehomed with Fendi.  15/2/14

Wednesday, 5 March 2014

Bernard & Mitzu REHOMED 19/3/14

Sticky pigs special plea.  These two have been in rescue since July 2013 and have been overlooked so many times.  They were lucky enough to have been chosen and reserved for a new home but sadly it never happened and they are still waiting,  will you give them the home they have been looking for?

Bernard & Mitzu.  REHOMED.  18 month old brothers, sweet and curious, though still a little shy.

Saturday, 22 February 2014

Himi girls Rehomed 27/2/14

Mother and daughter.  REHOMED. 2-3 yrs old, a couple of sweethearts waiting for their forever home. Sadly piggies with pink eyes, white pigs in particular, are the hardest to rehome and stay in rescue far longer than other colours.  So many people seem to think the pink eyes are a problem or are scary - they are pink just because the pigment colour is linked to their coat colour.

Wilson and Mason Rehomed 1/3/14

Mason and Wilson - REHOMED - 17 months and 4 months.  Mason loves being uncle to little Wilson, these two play and chat all day.  Mason is a happy confident pig who enjoys cuddles and treats, Wilson is learning from him to trust people after coming to the rescue as a scared little baby.

Monday, 3 February 2014

Males 10-12 months

Males - currently under treatment, not yet available. - 10-12 months.  Pair of brothers.  Very cheeky and chatty.

Professor Lolipops and daughters.Rehomed 21/2/14

REHOMED. Professor Lolipops is a miracle mum here at the rescue.  She arrived with 2 two week old babies and was already pregnant with another EIGHT babies.  After a very long, difficult labour we had all 8 out alive, two weeks of round the clock support feeding for the babies, and some very low points where we nearly lost her tiniest baby Nigel, all 8 babies have made it.  The 6 boys are already finding new homes via the boar dating service.

Proffie is now ready for a forever home with her two daughters, now 4 months.  She is the most delightful little piggy, she and the babies are happily popcorning around their cage and wheeking for treats, just waiting for their happy ending with a loving family.