Saturday, 23 August 2014


Jonathan & Harker - Available now - 12 months old.  
Available for ADOPTION
Two very special boys looking for their happy ending. Jonathan and Harker came from a failed sanctuary where they received very little human attention. They are blossoming into a pair of fabulous boys, very strongly bonded and confident. Jonathan (shorthaired) loves nothing more than snuggling up on a fleecey bed, totally blissed out. After the poor conditions he was removed from, it is just delightful to see him so happy.
Harker is the most joyful little pig, his world has changed completely from having a dreadfully matted coat and in poor overall condition, he is now one of the happiest and fun piggies you could meet. He enjoys being groomed (an easy task that I am happy to show you how) though Jonathan is trying to help by giving it a little trim now and then - usually when Harker has nicked the bed.


Carfax & Channing - Available now - closely bonded young adult boys, approx 6-10 months. Two beautiful boys who need a very special and understanding new family. These two came from a large scale rescue of 150+ pigs that were kept in very poor conditions and had no handling whatsoever. They were so timid but are now in good health, have gained lots of weight and are now gaining in confidence. Are you that special person that can spend the time to bring these two out of their shells more and give them the life they so deserve?

Friday, 22 August 2014

Anton & Kevin Rehomed 30/8/14

Anton & Kevin - REHOMED - Anton is a chatty, longhaired fun loving piggy, approx 6-8 months.  Baby Kevin is 6 weeks old and a gorgeous chocolate colour. 

Keith & Cosmo Rehomed 23/8/14

Keith & Cosmo - REHOMED - Keith is a floofy big lad, approx 12 months old.  Cosmo has a funky coat and striking markings, approx 6-8 months old.  These boys are well bonded, Keith is an easy going laid back piggy.  


Males - RESERVED - approx 6-8 months

Monday, 11 August 2014

Orla & Clara Rehomed 22/8/14

Orla the Orange and baby Clara - REHOMED - Orla is 18 months old, baby Clara was born on May 14th so is a very young little piggy.  These two lively, chatty girls are happily bonded and looking for their new family.

Leah & Tabitha Rehomed 17/8/14

Leah & Tabitha - REHOMED - 14 months old.  Would suit most families.

Sunday, 10 August 2014

Friday, 1 August 2014

Mina and baby Nadia Rehomed 9/8/14

Mina and baby Nadia.  REHOMED.
Mum Mina is approx 8 months old, baby Nadia was born on 26/3/14.  Longhaired piggies that will require regular grooming.

Sunday, 20 July 2014

Rhett and baby Ashley Rehomed 1/8/14

Rhett and baby Ashley. REHOMED.
Rhett is 2 yrs, baby Ashley was born on 26/3/14.  Ashley is becoming long haired so will require regular grooming, an easy task that I am happy to show you how.

Saturday, 12 July 2014

Brie & Marie Rehomed 16/7/14

Brie & baby Marie - REHOMED - Young mum Brie is approx 6-8 months and little baby Maire is 6 weeks old.