Thursday, 2 December 2021

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ADOPTIONS  Please email for pre-adoption info, if possible before purchasing a cage/hutch.
RESERVING PIGGIES  I can reserve piggies for up to 7 days once the rehoming criteria are met.
SURRENDER OF GUINEA PIGS I am able to take in guinea pigs subject to available space, please email with details.
COMPANIONS  I do not rehome single pigs except via the bonding service which is not running this year, no new bookings taken. If you have a bereaved piggy please see this link to the Guinea Pig Forum.
BOARDING is closed for the winter months, Porthcawl Piggie hotel is highly recommended, run by one of my lovely piggie parents.

Guinea pigs in the rescue this week: 59

Thor & Drax

Available for adoption.
Thor & Drax.  Teddy pig Thor is 3 yrs old, a bit of a cuddle monster, a confident, happy soul.  Drax is 1 yr old, an adventure pig.  Busy, inquisitive and not a fan of sitting still just yet. Suitable for most families that appreciate the best of both types of piggies. 140cm cage or larger.

Sean & Callum

Available to reserve, ready to adopt from 4th Dec.
Sean & Callum, 9 months old.  A fab pair of boys that are busy teenagers, they love a large cage with plenty of tunnels, hides and hay.  Sean will require a regular brush through and occasional trim, grooming covered in the adoption video.  Callum is the more reserved of the two, he will blossom with gentle cuddles and lots of treats. 
160cm cage/4x2 C&C or larger.

Marcus & Murphy

Available to reserve, ready for adoption from 7th Dec.
Marcus & Murphy, 7 months old.  A stunning pair of boys that will will bring a smile to your face every day with their antics.  They would benefit from a home that is confident in handling piggies as they are not keen on being caught for cuddles, fine once you have them.  Correct handling is covered in the adoption video.  Marcus has a plume of white hair just at the back which can be left long if groomed, or cut short if required. 160cm cage/4x2 C&C or larger.


Monday, 29 November 2021

Lambkin & Wolfgang Reserved

Lambkin & Wolfgang, 2 yrs.  A big pair of lads, best suited to a boar experienced home that understands the pantomime of silly boys that prefer separate bedrooms.  Both will require a regular brush through and occasional trim, not full longhairs, just a bit hairier than the average funky coated pigs. 160cm cage or 4x2 C&C or larger.

Saturday, 20 November 2021

Jack, Dougal & Ted Reserved by Julie

Jack, Dougal & Ted.  Strongly bonded trio of boys, 18 months.  A fabulous little gang of boys, sweet natured and the best of friends.  They will benefit from a home that will give gentle cuddles and keep up with their grooming requirements.  160x60cm cage or 5x2 C&C, or larger.

Theodore & Harry Potter Rehomed by Gemma 28/11/21

Theodore & Harry Potter, 18 months.  Well bonded, happy boys.  Suitable for most families with time and cuddles to spare. 140cm cage or larger.

Chester & Bennie Rehomed by Aimee 26/11/21

Chester & Bennie, 2 yrs.  Lovely boys, suitable for most families.  140cm cage or larger.

Wednesday, 10 November 2021

Albus & Ron Rehomed by Geraldine 14/11/21

Baby Albus & Ron Weasley.  What a cracking pair of boys these are, Ron. 18 months, is confident and happy around people but found other adult males a bit scary.  He has found a fun piggy friend in Little Albus (born 4th Oct). 140cm cage or larger.

Kurt & Iggy Rehomed by Aimee 13/11/21

Kurt & Iggy, 18 month old brothers.  Shorthaired with mohicans, very cute boys.  Their confidence is growing every day, these boys will thrive in a family with lots of cuddles and treats.  Suitable for most families.  140cm cage or larger.

Tuesday, 9 November 2021

Neville & Kevin Rehomed by Jo 13/11/21

Neville & Kevin, 13 months old.  Strongly bonded brothers, well handled, confident boys.  Neville is the more vocal of the two, a bit of a show off.  Kevin is the more placid.  Suitable for most families. 160cm cage or 4x2 C&C.

Sunday, 7 November 2021

Huxley & Darwin Rehomed by Nancy 18/11/21

Uncle Darwin has been very busy looking after a number of baby boys here at the rescue.  He has chosen little Huxley as his favourite so it's now time for them to find a forever home together.  Darwin, 2.5 yrs, is a very friendly, sweet-natured lad.  A great role model for Huxley, 6-8 weeks.  Suitable for most families.  140cm cage or larger.