Friday, 14 February 2020


Please contact the rescue before you buy a cage, very often cages sold are below the welfare standard. Minimum living space for a pair is 120cmx60cm on one level, runs or extra levels are a bonus but do not count towards the minimum required.  I sometimes have indoor cages available to adopters that meet the rehoming size. I can also point you in the right direction for the correct sized new cages and hutches for the best price online (not petshop prices!).

Guinea pigs in the rescue this week: 66
On foster: 17
Waiting list for rescue space: 22

Cerrig & Maelor

Available for adoption.
Cerrig & Maelor.  Closely related, beautiful colours and such happy boys. Born 10th and 7th of December.

Tuesday, 11 February 2020

DeeDee & Louisa

Available for adoption.
DeeDee & Louisa, baby DeeDee is 3 months old, her very young mum Louisa is 7 months old.  An all too common tale of buying rather than adopting and the consequence of that, a female pregnant at 6 weeks old and sold on to an unsuspecting family.  Louisa had 4 babies.

Sunday, 9 February 2020

Sadie, Joyce & Nancy

Available for adoption.
Baby Sadie, Joyce & Nancy.  Joyce and Nancy are both young mums, Nancy (4 months) is mum to baby Sadie (6/12/19).  Joyce (6 months) had 3 baby boys so could not keep a baby of her own, she's a fab big sister to Nancy and aunty for Sadie.

Lorelei & Misty

Available for adoption.
Lorelei & Misty, closely related.  Lorelei is approx 6 months old, baby Misty was born here at the rescue 9/12/19. 

Aunt Beatrice & Esme

Available for adoption.
Baby Esme & Aunt Beatrice.  Esme was born at the rescue on 17/11/19, her Aunty Beatrice is 4-5 months old.

Saturday, 8 February 2020

Houston & Angelo

Available for adoption.
Houston & Angelo.  Houston (approx 8 months) deserves the very best in life.  Rescued after being abandoned by his family when they moved out, he lived for weeks in an overgrown garden with only an overturned bucket for shelter.  Here at the rescue he has blossomed into a huge character, and found a friend in fuzzy baby Angelo (born 4/12/19).

Rosa & Claudia

Available for adoption.
Baby Rosa & Claudia.  Rosa was born here at the rescue 9/12/19, mum Claudia is 5-6 months old.  Beautiful girls that deserve a safe and loving home. 

Albert & Pogo

Available for adoption.
Pogo & baby Albert. Black and white Albert was born 1/11/19.  Pogo is 15 months old.

Prue & Harlow

Available for adoption.
Prue & Harlow are mother and daughter, baby Harlow was born here at the rescue 28/11/19, Prue is approx 12 months old.

Phoenix & Todd

Available for adoption
Phoenix & Todd.  Closely related lads that have grown up together and become best friends. Born at the rescue 3/12/19 (Phoenix) and 1/12/19 (Todd).

Lois & Sienna Rehomed 9/2/20

Lois & Sienna.  Sisters born here at the rescue 9/12/19 (mum is Claudia).

Friday, 7 February 2020

Apples & Pears Rehomed 8/2/20

Apples & Pears.  Beautiful girls, strongly bonded.