Friday, 14 May 2021


The rescue is open for adoptions and surrenders strictly following covid restrictions at all times.
ADOPTIONS  Please email for pre-adoption info before purchasing a cage/hutch.
RESERVING PIGGIES  I can reserve piggies for up to 7 days once the rehoming criteria are met.
SURRENDER OF GUINEA PIGS I am able to take in guinea pigs subject to available space, please email with details.
BONDING is still on hold, no new bookings being taken. If you have a bereaved piggy please see this link to the Guinea Pig Forum.
BOARDING available when covid restrictions allow, bookings being taken.
01639 721127 (10am-4pm)

Guinea pigs in the rescue this week: 54

Freya & Lyla reserved by Georgie.


Freya & Lyla, 2 yrs old.  Beautiful ladies, on a bit of a diet as they have a few extra grams.  Freya will need a regular brush through and occasional trim, she could be a very longhaired lady once her coat is maintained correctly, though she won't mind a short 'do' either.  140cm cage or larger.

Friday, 7 May 2021

Seamus & Sammy Reserved by Shan

Seamus & Sammy, 1 yr old.  Large, happy, confident boys suitable for most families.  Seamus will require a regular brush through and occasional trim to keep his coat in top condition.  Grooming is covered in the adoption video.  140cm cage or larger.


Thursday, 29 April 2021

Osian & Dewi Rehomed by Claire 5/5/21.

Osian & Dewi, 7 months old.  Striking boys, full of fun and chat.  They will benefit from gentle handling and lots of treats, Dewi is the shyer of the two but is learning that people come with kindness, cuddles and veggies. 140cm cage or larger.

Mabel & Doris Rehomed by Katrina 4/5/21.

Mabel & Doris, 16 months old.  Glamorous ladies, best suited to a home experienced with grooming as Mabel is a densely coated peruvian.  She will require a regular brush through and occasional trim.  Doris is a super soft fuzzy girl, They will reward the right home with squeaks and cuddles.  140cm cage or larger.

Saturday, 24 April 2021

Lloyd & Milo Rehomed by Cathryn 1/5/21

Lloyd & Milo.  Males, 2 yrs.  Strongly bonded, happy boys.  Lloyd is very inquisitive, cheeky and loves his treats.  Milo is a little more reserved, happy for Lloyd to be the star of the show. Suitable for most families, 140m cage or larger.  Available with a Ferplast Plaza 160 (
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Saturday, 17 April 2021

Anna & Elsa Rehomed by Lindsey 21/4/21


Anna & Elsa.  Beautiful girls that love their food.  Suitable for most families.  Anna is 7 months old, Elsa is 2 yrs.  140cm cage or larger.

Thursday, 1 April 2021

Astrid & Bellatrix Rehomed by Emma 7/4/21

Astrid & Bellatrix, females.  Astrid, peruvian, is 20 months old, Bellatrix, sheltie, is 5 months.  As both girls are long haired they will require a regular brush through and an occasional trim of their skirts.  Grooming covered in the adoption video. 140cm cage or larger.

Mija & Artemis Rehomed by Nia 10/4/21

Mija & Artemis, females.  Mija is 14 months old and little Artemis is 5 months old.  Artemis is still a little hand shy so will benefit from more handling.  She's a cheeky and fun little pig.  Mija is more self confident. 140cm cage or larger.

Sunday, 28 March 2021

Amos & Andy Rehomed by Gabby 3/4/21

Amos & Andy are baby brothers, born 10th Feb '21.  Amos will have longer hair so will require a regular brush through and the occasional trim, grooming covered in adoption video.  Suitable for a family that will give lots of attention and handling to bring these babies on well.  140cm cage or larger.

Friday, 26 March 2021

Sven & Kristoff Reserved by Jane 3/4/21

Sven & Kristoff are father and son, aged 18 months-2 yrs.  A really sweet pair of boys, both love a hay pile to use as a pillow when they sleeps, so very cute!  Suitable for most families, ideal first piggies. 140cm cage or larger.

Angus & Haggis Rehomed by Graham 30/3/21

Angus & Haggis are very likely full brothers, 3-4 months old. Angus is longer haired than Haggis so in additional to a regular brush through, he will need an occasional trim. Suitable for families that have the commitment to the grooming upkeep.  Grooming covered in adoption video.  140cm cage or larger.