Thursday, 9 September 2010


Ernie & Hector - Available now

10 months and 10 weeks. These two have quickly become inseparable since Ernie chose Hector as his new friend. He was bullied by his brother Enzo as a youngster so found older pigs a bit scary but he thinks little Hector is fab, and has even started pop-corning around their cage because he's so happy.

Monty & Dylan - REHOMED
Father and son, 7 months and 9 weeks. Monty has been receiving treatment for the mites he arrived at the rescue with, he is now completely recovered and his hair has started to grow back where he had scratched and bitten himself from the intense itching.  Monty is super friendly and Dylan is learning from his dad to be more confident.  They will make fabulous children's pets.

DelBoy & Rodney - REHOMED

Approx 12 months old. DelBoy is rather shy and Rodney is happy to be held. These two cuties are great friends and chat away to each other.

Herbert - RESERVED
8-10 months old. This cheeky bundle of energy is very skinny and I'm working hard to put some weight on this little cutie. Herbert is currently bonding with a little baby boy.


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