Wednesday, 4 May 2011

SDS - Chrissie, NanaPig, Rosie rehomed

The Sow Dating-Service  There are a number of females available as companions to lone females or neutered males. The dating service will pair your lone piggy with a suitable partner please phone for details. Bonding pigs takes a great deal of time and observation therefore only one date a week is booked, this can mean that there is a waiting list.

Chrissie - REHOMED
6 months old, unwanted child's pet.  A very strong willed young lady who will take time to find the right partner. 

NanaPig - REHOMED 
I'm delighted to say she has found love with a neutered boar and has now gone home. Nana, found wandering in the snow before Christmas, no owner came forward to claim her. Guessing at approx 9 months as she's not quite fully grown. 

3 yrs old - She was originally homed from the rescue as a young piggy.  Recently her cagemate passed away and after a change in the family's life the decision was made for her to return.  She has a sweet, friendly nature and is now waiting for the right companion so she can move on to the next phase of her life.

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