Sunday, 24 April 2011

Bosworth & Chadwick - Rehomed 4/5/11

Bosworth & Chadwick - REHOMED
These two gorgeous boys were born at the rescue, their mums arrived at the rescue pregnant back in October. They have bonded so well that, rather than be part of the boar-dating service, they are available as a pair.  They are 5 months old.

Marigold & Ruby - Rehomed 26/4/11

Marigold & Ruby- REHOMED
Mother and daughter, Marigold, approx 10-12 months, is a big girl and it looks as though Ruby will be too, Ruby is 4 months old. As Marigold had a very poor start in life I am looking for a home full of TLC for these two where they will be given lots of cuddles and attention.

Blanche & Stella - Rehomed 28/4/11

Blanche & StellaREHOMED
Mother and daughter, Blanche came to the rescue at 5 weeks old, already pregnant and she had narrowly escaped being 'used' for the reptile section of the petshop she was bred for.  Blanche is a chilled out pig - except for playtime when she and Stella race around their cage like loons, having so much fun.

Wednesday, 6 April 2011

William & Blake - Rehomed 20/4/11

William & Blake - REHOMED - Likely to be father and son, little William is only around 14 weeks old and Blake is approx 11 months. William is rather shy and would benefit from a quiet home where he can enjoy lap time. Blake is more confident, he and his little boy are great friends.

Saturday, 2 April 2011

Archie Rehomed 2/4/11

He is a rare find in this rescue, a neutered male. He is 12-18 months old and a sweetheart of a pig, he would dearly like some wifelets but not ones that beat him up!

Friday, 1 April 2011

Myrtle & Macey Rehomed 31/3/11

Myrtle & Macey - REHOMED. 
Little Myrtle came in to the rescue suffering very badly from ringworm, a fungal skin disease, she was also potentially pregnant.  Thankfully she is fully recovered now and is definitely not pregnant.  She has bonded with Macey who was born at the rescue back in November.  Myrtle is approx 10 weeks old.