Friday, 25 November 2011

Daphne & Chloe - Rehomed 8/12/11

Daphne & Chloe - REHOMED - approx 8 months old.  The girls are learning to trust people and will blossom in the right family home.

Christopher & Robin - Rehomed 11/12/11

Christopher & Robin. REHOMED.  A pair of cheeky boys, full of fun.  Christopher, 12 months old, is a great character, very happy and inquisitive.  He is enjoying having some company now that little Robin has joined him.

Andy & Lou - Rehomed 8/12/11

Andy & Lou - REHOMED - 8 months and 6 weeks old. This sweet pair of boys are such good friends, Andy has now recovered from the mite infestation he arrived at the rescue with and his hair has now completely regrown. They will suit an attentive home who are looking for fun additions to their family.

Mr & Mrs Anderson - REHOMED 28/11/11

Mr & Mrs Anderson.  REHOMED.  This stunning couple are devoted to each other and hope to find a family equally devoted to them.  As Mr Anderson is long haired he will need a daily brush and occasional baths, sadly his last home neglected his grooming and he arrived with a seriously matted and infested coat.  He was very lucky to avoid flystrike which is often fatal.  Now that he has fully recovered from the chest infection he also arrived with and his coat is in superb condition they are ready for a new home. Mr Anderson is neutered.  As they are an older pair of piggies (3.5 yrs) they are finding it hard to find a family.

Thursday, 10 November 2011

Fran & Rowena Rehomed 22/11/11

Fran & Rowena - REHOMED - 6 and 8 months old.  These two sweet girls are still rather shy so would like a home that will give them plenty of laptime.

Chester & Porter Rehomed 22/11/11

Chester & Porter - REHOMED - 8 months and 11 weeks old.  These two are great friends, they will suit a family that is looking for pets to spend lots of time with.