Saturday, 31 March 2012

Family trio - Rehomed 6/4/12

J Family trio - REHOMED - baby Jemma, mummy Jade and granny Jasmine. These adorable girls are now ready for a family of their own and a forever home.  Granny J is 2.5 years, mummy J is 13 months and little baby J is 6 weeks old. 

Teddy boar babies - Rehomed 6/4/12

Teddy Boar Babies - REHOMED.  Born here at the rescue on 16th Jan.  As these boys will be going through the 'teenage' hormonal stage at the same time I am looking for a home that is experienced with boars and their behaviour.  They are not suitable as first time piggies.

Saturday, 17 March 2012

Pierce & Ulysses- Rehomed 31/3/12

Pierce and little Ulysses - REHOMED - Pierce is a black and white 2 year old swiss piggy, his new best friend is Ulysses, born on 14th January.  

Friday, 16 March 2012

Carter & Earl Rehomed 31/3/12

Carter & Earl - REHOMED.  These two boys arrived a the rescue as part of a very large group of 35 mite infested boys.  They have made a good recovery and although still shy they are becoming more confident with people.  Earl, the crested, is approx 10-12 months old.  Carter is a rex cross and a mature male, approx 18 - 24 months old.

Silver Brothers - Rehomed 22/3/12

Silver Brothers - REHOMED - 9 months old.  Two big boys who will love a home with lots of time for cuddles, still quite shy but very sweet and great pals.

Saturday, 3 March 2012

Bonded males Rehomed 7/3/12

Bonded males - REHOMED -  silver rex 2.5 years, agouti and white teddy 9 months.  These two are great pals and snuggle up at bedtime, plus lots of playing when they are awake!

Trio of females Rehomed 6/3/12

REHOMED - Trio of females, cream& white, silver & white, both 13 months old, tri-colour 2.5 years.

Dunzi & MuEr Rehomed 4/3/12

Dunzi & MuEr - REHOMED - Beautiful girls now needing a new loving family, Dunzi is a stunning tri colour roan, 2 years old and her best friend is MuEr, 12 months old silver and white rex.