Thursday, 23 July 2015

Dakota & Elle.Rehomed 26/7/15

Dakota & Elle. REHOMED.  Mother and daughter pairing, 12 and 6 months old.  Fun, laid back girls that will suit most families with the time to give them lots of treats and cuddles.

Andre & Webster. Rehomed 27/7/15.

Andre & Webster.  REHOMED.  A super pair of young boys, 8 months old.  Arrived as unwanted christmas presents so are in need of a family that will love them forever.

Wednesday, 22 July 2015

Jeeves & Jarvis. Rehomed 23/7/15

Jeeves & Jarvis.  REHOMED.  A cracking pair of males, 3 yrs old.  They are very curious and cuddly boys, and just look at Jeeves' smile, how cute is he!

Thursday, 16 July 2015

Walter & Elise. Rehomed 1/8/15

Walter & Elise.  REHOMED.  Currently bonding, a gorgeous young pair 6-8 months old.  Walter is neutered.

Wednesday, 1 July 2015

Marcus & Todd. Rehomed 8/7/15

Marcus & Todd.  REHMED, ready to adopt from 8th July.  Little Todd is 6 months and Marcus is 12 months and has been neutered, normally he would be bonded with a wife or two but as he and Todd are very happy together they have remained as a pair.

Lacey & Scott. Rehomed 11/7/15

Lacey & Scott.  REHOMED, ready to adopt from 8th July.  18 & 12 months old. A gorgeous female/neutered male pairing, 

Quincy & Hobbs. Rehomed 12/7/15

Quincy & Hobbs.  REHOMED, ready to adopt from 8th July.  Mature boys over 18 months old.  Although from the same home, these boys had always lived singly.  They have bonded here at the rescue and are very glad to finally have a friend.