Wednesday, 28 December 2016

Harry & Niall Rehomed 7/1/17

REHOMED.  Harry & Niall. 10 months old. A super pair of boys, full of fun.  They will suit most families with the time to give the boys the handling and treats they deserve. 

Mother and daughter Rehomed 4/1/17

REHOMED.  Mother and daughter, 8 months and 4 months old.

Rob & Gary Rehomed 2/1/17

REHOMED.  Rob & Gary.  18 months old.

Roco & Rodney Rehomed 24/12/16

REHOMED Roco & Rodney, 4 months old. 

Saturday, 17 December 2016

Marcie & Jennifer Rehomed 26/12/16

REHOMED.  Marcie & Jennifer. 2.5 yr old females.  These girls are so lovely, full of confidence and curiosity.

Aubrey & Snape Rehomed 17/12/16

REHOMED 17/12/16.  Aubrey & Snape, 6-9 months old.  Boys in need of feeding up and some ongoing footcare for Aubrey. Great personalities, life can only get better for them now they are not living with a rabbit and have enough food and warmth.

Wednesday, 7 December 2016

Buddy & Miguel Rehomed 17/12/16

REHOMED.  Buddy & Miguel, 9 months old.  As these boys had no interest at Little Pip's Guinea Pig Rehoming in Devon they have come to Glynneath in the hope of better luck in finding a home. They were part of the massive hoarder rescue back in April where 325 piggies were removed from one property, this became 460 once all the babies were born as many of the females were pregnant. Followers may remember the sadness of all of the lost babies from that group.  They are looking for a family experienced with males and long hair.

Pickle & Peanut Rehomed 11/12/16

REHOMED.  Pickle & Peanut estimated at 9-12 months old. Left behind when their owners moved out of a rental property, they deserve so much better than to be discarded along with the rest of the junk their family couldn't be bothered to take with them.

Babs & Margo Rehomed 17/12/16

REHOMED.  Babs & Margo, 2 yrs old.  An adorable pair of girls that would suit most families.

Friday, 2 December 2016

Cissy & Ada Rehomed 3/12/16

REHOMED.  Cissy & Ada, 2 yrs old, lovely confident girls with big personalities. Suitable for families with older/no children.

Monday, 28 November 2016

Today is a huge milestone in the history of the Glynneath Guinea Pig Rescue. I have now taken in over 2000 pigs since the rescue opened 13 yrs ago. Thank you to all of my piggy parents that have made this possible, without you I could not help all of the piggies in need of rescue. Pop over to the facebook page for pigtures. XXX

Wednesday, 23 November 2016

Matt & Dale rehomed 3/12/16

REHOMED.  Matt & Dale, 12 months old.  Super cute and will make wonderful family pets. Matt is longhaired so will need regular grooming, I am happy to show you how if you are not experienced with brushing piggies, it's an easy task really.

Jean & Luc rehomed 2/12/16

REHOMED.  Jean & Luc, 6 and 10 months old.  Strongly bonded boys with bags of personality, they will make wonderful pets with a bit more handling and treats as a reward, they are very food orientated boys.

Sunday, 13 November 2016

Monday, 31 October 2016

Smith & Jones Rehomed 12/11/16

REHOMED. Jones & Smith, 4 and 8 months old.  Boys that would like a quiet home with lots of treats, they have cracking personalities though are a little shy to start with.

Michael & Donny Rehomed 8/11/16

REHOMED.  Michael & Donny.  Donny is approx 10 months and has adopted baby Michael as his own, these two are very sweet together, Michael is 7 weeks old and will be a longhaired piggy.

Abraham & Glenn Rehomed 8/11/16

REHOMED.  Abraham & Glenn.  4 months and 6 weeks old.  Glenn was born here at the rescue and has become best friends with Abe.  Very lively and playful piggies.

Thursday, 27 October 2016

Anne & Bonnie Rehomed 30/10/16

REHOMED.  Anne & Bonnie.  Anne is approx 8 months old, Bonnie born 13/9/16.  Mum has only one good eye, the other was the victim of a severe injury well before rescue, fully healed and stable but not functioning.

Monday, 24 October 2016

Porthos & Athos Rehomed 27/10/16

REHOMED.  Porthos and Athos, closely related young males that will blossom with a family with the time for gentle handling and cuddles. 

Belle & Belinda Rehomed 27/10/16

REHOMED.  Belle & Belinda 9 and 5 months, a closely bonded pair of girls that are now ready for cuddles and treats.

Sunday, 9 October 2016

Baby Ralph & Lawson Rehomed 24/10/16

REHOMED.  Baby Ralph, born 2/9/16 and Lawson, 4 months old.  They are happily bonded, closely related and ready for a home of their own once Ralph is 6 weeks old.

Barbara Cartland and baby Eleanor Rehomed 27/10/16

REHOMED.  Barbara Cartland and baby Eleanor.  Barbara has an old bite wound above her eye which gives the impression that she is wearing huge ginger false eyelashes.

Saturday, 8 October 2016

Pacino & Deniro Rehomed 8/10/16

REHOMED.  Pacino and baby Deniro born 25/8/16, Pacino is approx 8 months old.  Very happy and playful boys looking for a home once the baby is 6 weeks old. 

Marcel & Davey Rehomed 8/10/16

REHOMED. Marcel & Davey, 8 and 5 months old.  Such a pair of cuties, they will make fab family pets given time to shine.

Sunday, 2 October 2016

Sherry & Kerry Rehomed 22/10/16

REHOMED.  Sherry & Kerry, 10 and 5 months old.  These girls have found friendship with each other after finding themselves alone after their pregnancies at time of rescue ended.  Sherry lost her litter of 4 only halfway through her pregnancy, little Kerry had a single baby but as he was male he could not stay with mum.  The girls came from different but very similar hoarder cases, pregnant and terrified.  They are thriving in each others company and are now ready for the best bit of rescue, their happy ending.

Trio of girls Rehomed 18/10/16

REHOMED.  Trio of girls, closely related.  4 and poss mum 7 months old.

Mother and daughter Rehomed 22/10/16

REHOMED.  Mother and daughter.  Mum is 9-12 months old, baby born 7/9/16.

Phoebe & Artemis Rehomed 3/10/16

REHOMED.  Phoebe & Artemis, mother and daughter.  9-12 months and 6 weeks old.

Shirley & Caitlin Rehomed 3/10/16

REHOMED.  Shirley & Caitlin.  9 months and 4 months old.

Eaton & Troy Rehomed 21/10/16

REHOMED. Baby Eaton & Troy. These two have a home lined up once Eaton is 6 weeks old.

Wednesday, 28 September 2016

Adam & Peaty Rehomed 9/10/16

REHOMED.  Adam & Peaty.  6 month old boys suitable for most families, full of fun and curiosity.

Tuesday, 30 August 2016

Bale & Gareth Rehomed 24/9/16

REHOMED.  Bale and Gareth, closely related.  Just approx 10 and 4 months old.  They have been out on foster to become accustomed to handling and cuddles. Baby Gareth is the more confident of the two, Bale is on his way to becoming a fab family pet too.

Lizzie & Chris Pratt Rehomed 16/9/16

REHOMED.  Lizzie & Chris Pratt, 8-12 months old.  Chris is neutered and a pig overflowing with confidence and character.  Lizzie is a sweet, quiet girl that should blossom once Chris has worked his charm on her.  Suitable for most families.

Eviction 52 mother and daughter Rehomed 30/8/16

REHOMED on foster /adopt terms. Mother & daughter, 5-6 months, baby's DOB 26/7/16.  Names to be chosen by new family.

Monday, 22 August 2016

Madge & Janice Rehomed 28/8/16

REHOMED.  Madge & Janice, 2 yr old big, cuddly girls that would suit most families.  Happy and confident girls.

Bubble & Squeak Rehomed 25/8/16

REHOMED.  Bubble & Squeak, males.  Approx 10 and 6 months old.  These two have been out on foster to help them with handling and family cuddles, strongly bonded and ready for their new lives to begin.

Monday, 15 August 2016

Bert & Ernie Rehomed 19/8/16

REHOMED.  Bert & Ernie, 9 and 5 months old. A strongly bonded pair that have been out on foster for family cuddles, they are well on their way to becoming fab pets.

Friday, 12 August 2016

Andy & Murray Rehomed 24/8/16

REHOMED.  Andy & Murray, father and son, approx 6 and 12 months old. Rescued from a hoarding situation, these boys are coming along well, they are gaining in confidence and looking for a family to help bring them on with lots of treats and cuddles.  

Monday, 8 August 2016

Dolly & Jolene Rehomed 26/8/16

REHOMED.  Dolly & Jolene are mother and daughter.  Dolly is approx 7 months old and little Jolene is 8 weeks, born 6/6/16 here at the rescue.  The girls have been out on foster so they are used to handling and cuddles.  Dolly is still a bit shy as she had no human contact until she came into rescue as part of a very large hoarder case.

Llanishen boys 1 Rehomed 8/8/16

REHOMED.  Adult male, 8-10 months.  Baby boy, 3 months old. 

Sunday, 7 August 2016

Baby Theo & Bentley Rehomed 8/8/16

REHOMED.  Baby Theo & Bentley.  An adorable pair of boys that will soak up all the cuddles you can give them.  Theo was born at the rescue (4/5/16) is fuzzy coated. Bentley, crested smooth hair, is approx 6-8 months old.

The Allens Rehomed 8/8/16

REHOMED. Big Allen is approx 9 months old and a big lad already, confident and self assured.  Little Allen is 4-5 months old and although a little less confident he is a sweet natured piggy that adores his best friend.  The Allens are very strongly bonded and would suit most families, they have just come back from fostering so are used to cuddles and treats.

Tuesday, 2 August 2016

Nat & Doc Rehomed 4/8/16

REHOMED.  Nat & Doc.  Strongly bonded pair of males, 3 yrs old.

Monday, 1 August 2016

Tecwyn & Leo Rehomed 2/8/16

REHOMED Baby Tecwyn & Leo. A very glamourous pair that will entertain you and melt your hearts in equal measure.  Leo has adopted baby Tecwyn after finding other males frightened him too much. Tecwyn is 9 weeks old (born 29/4/16) and Leo has just turned 12 months. 

Tomsk & Wellington Rehomed 2/8/16

REHOMED. Tomsk & Wellington, a super pair of large, cuddly boys.  18 months old and perfect for a family with the space and love these boys are used to.  Big lads with big personalities that will bring a smile to your face every day.

Saturday, 30 July 2016

Christine & Adrian Rehomed 6/8/16

REHOMED. Christine & Adrian are newly weds, he's 18-24 months old, neutered and a very happy, confident lad.  Christine is a similar age, possibly a bit younger and is taking the lead from her man in learning that people are rather nice to be around. 

Friday, 22 July 2016

Emily & Fredrick Rehomed 30/7/16

REHOMED.  Emily & Fredrick,  Fredrick is a 2 yr old neutered male and sweet little Emily is his new wife, just 4 months old.  Indoor piggies with loads of personality and popcorning fun.

Monday, 11 July 2016

Conan & Thor Reserved and boarding til 22nd Aug.

RESERVED.  Conan and Thor are a super pair of lads, ready for a happy ending.  Just back from time with a foster family so they now know cuddles and treats. Conan is approx 12 months old and little Thor is 3 months.
From their foster mum "Since being with me not only have they grown in size but their characters have grown too! Conan has so much love to give, he loves having a good cuddle, snuggling in under your chin, he's a quiet boy but very placid and tolerable, having met my two step kids 
😂 Thor is a bundle of fun who likes to bounce around the cage, having the time of his life, he is very vocal when having lap time without his best mate Conan, but loves exploring his surroundings whilst out, such beautiful boys who I'm sure will grow in confidence quickly and will give their new family lots of love and will enjoy the attention given to them, good luck beautiful boys!"

Friday, 8 July 2016

Colette & Anita Rehomed 16/7/16

REHOMED.  Mother and daughter pairing, Colette is only 4 months old, her little baby Anita was born here at the rescue on 7/6/16.  As with all of the piggies from the recent hoarder case, Colette has known no human kindness before rescue, and her life was put in danger by being left to become pregnant at 4-6 weeks old.  An indoor home for these precious girls please.