Sunday, 26 June 2016

Rascal & Roxy Rehomed 3/7/16

REHOMED.  Rascal and Roxy are a fabulous pair of girls and the best of friends.  Roxy is a dream to groom so is ideal for those new to longhaired piggies.  Rascal is full of fun, lovely confident girls, they are both 3 yrs old.

Sunday, 19 June 2016

Baby Edward & Stanley Rehomed 1/7/16

REHOMED.  Baby Edward & Stanley, Edward was born here at the rescue 6/5/16.  Stanley is approx 8-10 months old.  Stanley is still shy of being picked up just yet, but he is gaining in confidence every day.  The boys are living in the kitchen here at the rescue at the moment, close to the fridge and it's not taken either of them long to work out where the veggies are kept. Edward is a very squeaky little man, especially when he thinks he's getting a treat.

Moriarty & Higgins Rehomed 29/6/16

REHOMED.  Moriarty & Higgins.  Higgins (approx 9 months) came into the rescue with a badly injured and infected back foot, having been dumped at a vets as a 'stray' piggy.  He's now fully recovered and has proven to be a typical mad abyssinian, full of fun and playfulness.  He has a new friend in little Moriarty, a baby born 14/4/16 here at the rescue to one of the hoarder case mums.  Now ready for a true forever home

Baby Grommit & Wallace Rehomed 2/7/16

REHOMED. Wallace has taken to little Grommit and is very happy being his new daddypig.  These boys have been out on foster so they are now used to being handled, having treats, etc.  Grommit is 12 weeks old, Wallace is approx 12-18 months old. 
From their foster mum "Good bye to my first foster pigs Wallace and baby Grommit. You have been a joy to look after. They have been fostered in a household that has two dogs, two resident Guinea pigs and two teenagers so they are now well used to being part of a busy household

Their ideal cage would have plenty of space for Grommit to do his nightly 9 pm race laps and a hidey hole filled with hay for him to rest in. Wallace requests a carrot cottage or similar space that he could sit on top of, his favourite spot to eat his veg in. Both love cucumber and celery but aren't keen on tomatoes. 
Hope you find your forever home soon boys xx"

Saturday, 18 June 2016

Lillibet & Wilma Rehomed 22/6/16

REHOMED.  Lillibet & Wilma.  A strongly bonded pair of girls that have found friendship and confidence in each others company.  They have been out on foster so are used to cuddles and treats. Little Lillibet is just 3 months old, Wilma is 7 months old.

Faith & Hope Rehomed 2/7/16

REHOMED.  Faith & Hope.  A darling mother and daughter pairing. Faith is only 5 months old and little Hope was born here at the rescue on 15/5/16.  An indoor home required for these precious girls, with lots of kind and gentle handling.  Faith came from a sad hoarder case with no human kindness and her life was put in danger from being left to get pregnant at 4-6 weeks old, she was one of the lucky few that came through her pregnancy safely.

Saturday, 11 June 2016

Pip & Squeaky Rehomed 17/6/16

REHOMED. A gorgeous male pairing, they are on course for becoming super pets.  They have just returned to the rescue from being out on short-term foster.  Pip is a young adult, approx 10-12 months, baby Squeaky is approx 12 weeks.
From their fosterer
"Both love cuddles and gentle strokes,free ranging in a room and starting to enjoy being in a a run as long as your next to it.   Pip loves licking your arm and will come to front of cage when you say "treats". Squeaky loves to lay, back legs out flat when on lap.  Both adore gentle stroking and lots of time out of cage. Gorgeous characters, will miss them very much . Good luck beautiful boys hope you have a gentle loving home you deserve x"

Bracknell herd 2 Rehomed 11/6/16

REHOMED.  Female herd, mums, youngsters and a floofy white baby.

Remus & Severus Rehomed 11/6/16

REHOMED.  Remus & Severus, adopted by their fosterers.

Friday, 3 June 2016

Stitch & Biscuit Rehomed 9/6/16

REHOMED.  Stitch & Biscuit, 6 and 3 months old.  These boys have been out on foster for a few weeks to help get them used to a family home, they are now ready for the next stage of a forever home.  Kind, gentle handling required after not having known a human hand before rescue.
From their foster family "
Gonna miss this lovely pair. Stitch ( black pig ) is still quite still when he comes out for lap time but Biscuit's personality is really starting to show. He loves a fuss and will gently squeak, and your touch but is also happy to explore and have a good sniff. They gonna make someone very happy"

Wednesday, 1 June 2016

Bracknell female herd 1 (Ginger, Custard, Oreo, Tiger, Brazil and Monkey) Rehomed 1/6/16

REHOMED.  Female herd from Bracknell hoarder case. Female on far left is mum to baby far right; Black & white female is mum to the other two babies.  Ginger and white female had baby boys so joined this group for female company.