Saturday, 11 June 2016

Pip & Squeaky Rehomed 17/6/16

REHOMED. A gorgeous male pairing, they are on course for becoming super pets.  They have just returned to the rescue from being out on short-term foster.  Pip is a young adult, approx 10-12 months, baby Squeaky is approx 12 weeks.
From their fosterer
"Both love cuddles and gentle strokes,free ranging in a room and starting to enjoy being in a a run as long as your next to it.   Pip loves licking your arm and will come to front of cage when you say "treats". Squeaky loves to lay, back legs out flat when on lap.  Both adore gentle stroking and lots of time out of cage. Gorgeous characters, will miss them very much . Good luck beautiful boys hope you have a gentle loving home you deserve x"

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